We’ve been electrifying the Bay since 1991, and our experience and confidence allow us to fulfill all of our customers' needs and wants. As a non-union shop, we are able to provide the quality work without the shocking prices.

Bottom line, it’s our job to turn you on.

What we offer


Ensure all parties are in a position to succeed:

/Our Customers
/Our Contractors
/Our Electricians



We strive to achieve success by:

/Adhering to deadlines.
/Being transparent throughout the entire duration of a project.
/Effective communication - start to finish.

Our experience and confidence allow us to fulfill all of our customers’ needs and wants. 

We love our electricians, so first priority is to ensure them with personal protective equipment and safety training. 


Our IIPP Program meets Federal and Cal OSHA standards. We stand by our safety record and stress the importance of planning for safety—period.


OSHA 30 // NFPA 70E // LOTO // AED // First Aid // Confined Space // Fall Protection

Here at JRP, we wear our PPE.


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